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Lord, it’s so easy for us to lose our way ...

Lord, You give us joy – true joy, lasting joy.

Lord, we have so many reasons for rejoicing in You.

Lord, it’s Your love for us that inspires our loyalty to You.

When, Lord, we sin, help us to come to Jesus.

Lord, help us to listen for the voice of Your love – and not to be deceived, discouraged, and distressed by words that come to us from Satan.

We thank You that You are not only the God of great power. You are also the God of great love.

When, Lord, life is hard, and it’s difficult to understand what’s going on, help us to hold on to Your promise: “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength."

Help us, Lord, to listen to what You’re saying to us before we start telling other people what we think You should be saying to them.

Lead us, Lord, out of the bitter way and into the better way.

Sometimes, Lord, we need to say, “The less said, the better.”

When Satan is hurling his accusations at us, help us, Lord, to keep on listening to what You’re saying to us. May the voice of Your love lift us out of the pit of our despair.

What are we to do, Lord, when we think that You're against us?

Help us, Lord, to see that bad things can and do happen to people who love You as well as people who don’t love You.

Help us not to listen to Satan. He’s trying to put us down and keep us down. Help us to listen to listen to the voice of Your love. Your Word lifts us up.

What, Lord, are we to do when we find ourselves sinking into a state of deep depression?

Lord, You turn our sorrow into joy and our mourning into celebration.

We thank You, Lord, for the defeat of Satan - and the victory of Jesus, our Saviour and Lord.

We thank You, our Father, for Jesus, Your Son. He is our Saviour. He is "both Lord and Christ."

What kind of people are we? Are we “faithful and God-fearing” people?

When Satan, our great enemy, tries to pick an argument with us, help us, Lord, to keep on working for You ...

What, Lord, are we to do when we encounter opposition?

Help us, Lord, to open our hearts to You, to lay our lives before You, and to do the work that You give us to do for You.