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What's so special about the Lord?

The glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord.

Building the 'temple' of a godly life

You Can Be A Giantkiller - For God.

When, Lord, we listen to Your Word ...

Help us to resist Satan – in Your strength.

Help us, Lord, to hear and heed Your Word of warning.

Singing The Lord's Song

Help us, Lord, never to tire of praising You.

Do we give the Lord lip-service? or Do we serve Him with our lives?

There Is Only One Power Able To Destroy The Power Of Satan: ‘He Shall Be Broken By The Hand Of God.’

Salvation Always Begins With God's Great Love For Us.

Jesus Asks Us, ‘Do You Love Me?’ He Waits For Our Reply: ‘I Love You.’

Come Back Home.

Count Your Blessings.

The Main Course!

Quiet trust and loud praise

God's Love Endures Forever.

Was this the end of the road?

Is there a way back to God?

The Spirit of the Almighty Lord is with me ...

"I will strengthen you" (Isaiah 45:5).

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

There's one thing that doesn't change. It's the love of God.

Keeping Our Focus On Christ

God Wants To Bless Us. How Much Do We Want To Be Blessed By Him?

The Saviour Is More Important Than The Preacher.

God ‘Blesses’ Us Through ‘His Word.’ He ‘Blesses’ Us In ‘The Spirit.’

When Your Head Goes Down, The Lord Will Lift You Up.

Wait On The Lord And Renew Your Strength.

Keep On Praying. Keep On Believing.

Times Of Trouble Can Turn Out To Be Times Of Great Blessing.

God Is Always Greater Than Our Inadequate Worship.

We think – and we thank.

Jesus Christ takes us out of judgment and into salvation.

Christ - Our Wisdom

Thank You, Lord, that You do not keep Your distance from us.

Lord, our faith is often put to the test.

Come To Christ And Find Salvation In Him Alone.

Thank God for encouragers!

"But You, O Lord, remain forever" (Psalm 102:12).

Lord, we long for a closer walk with You.

Help us, Lord, to thank You for Your good days, and to trust You in our bad days.

Create in us, Lord, a deeper longing to become more like Jesus, our Saviour – and help us to give all the glory to You

Lord, help us to look beyond our problems. Help us to look to You.

Lord, You are the God of salvation.

Come And See ... Come And Hear ...

In all of life – our times of suffering as well as our times of blessing, draw us, Lord, closer to Yourself ...

Sometimes, Lord, we face opposition ...

Lord - may Your love reach us, may Your power change us.

What, Lord, are we to do when things seem to be going from bad to worse?

Help us, Lord, to rejoice in Your victory.

Lord, we rejoice in Your salvation.

We thank You, Lord, for Jesus Christ – Your Son, our Saviour.

Jesus Christ - Our Crucified Saviour, Our Risen Lord

Lord, we thank You that You answer the sinner’s prayer. Jesus is Your Answer.

A New Name

Sometimes, Lord, Your "No" means "Not now - later."

Sometimes, Lord, we feel like we’re in a deep, dark hole.

What effect do our words have on other people?

Thank You, Lord, for sacrificial love and everlasting life.

Our story is a human story. It's more than that. You, Lord, are in our story - even when we don't realize it.

Where does the song of praise come from? It comes from You, Lord.

Lord, You’re calling us to commit our lives to You.

Lord - What a great God You are. Your love is greater than our sin.

Thank You, Lord, for giving us our own name - and the Name of Jesus.

"Oh that you would bless me" - May this be our heartfelt prayer.

Lord, You're calling us to worship You - to bring to You true "spiritual worship" - the dedication of our lives to You.

Help us, Lord, to return to You - and to seek Your blessing.

Lord, Your work makes good progress when Your people receive strength from Your Word.

Reaching out with the Good News of Jesus Christ

Joyful, generous and wholehearted giving - Where, Lord, does this kind of giving come from?

May we learn to say, "Not My will, Lord. Your will be done."

Lord, You are our Commander-in-Chief. Your work is to be done in Your way.

In Your work, Lord, we need visionaries, managers and workers.

Lord, there are no giants able to stand in Your presence.

Lord, there are bad things happening to us, things that we wish weren't happening.

Our sin is sad. Our sin is shameful. Can anything be done about our sin?

The Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ

Lord, You're calling us to be spiritual leaders. Help us to be faithful in hearing Your Word and doing Your Word.

Lord, Your Word is alive. Your Spirit is alive. Renew in us the life that comes from Your Word and Your Spirit.

What kind of people are we becoming?

We take refuge in You, Lord - "our refuge and our strength."

Lord, You forget our sins - but you never forget us.

Am I Going To Heaven?

The Participation Of God's People

Listening To Jesus