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Jesus Is Greater Than ...

This Is All About Jesus!

Human Love And Divine Love

Where have we come from? Where are we going to?

Help us, Lord, to pray for revival.

An Always And Forever Love

Overlowing Blessing

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, let us follow the Lord.

We have been saved by the Lord.

Help us, Lord, not to keep Your Good News to ourselves.

There is a wise way of living – and there is a foolish way.

Lord, Your Word shows us the ways we are to avoid – and it shows us the way we are to follow.

When we feel like giving up ...

There are times, Lord, when it seems like the light has gone out ...

Lord, we want everything to go smoothly – but that’s not what You’ve promised us!

Lord, we want everything to go smoothly – but that’s not what You’ve promised us!

Promises Of Love - And Words Of Warning

Lord, help us to grow in Christ.

Lord, help us to take our stand against Satan. Help us to stand in Your strength.

Lord, help us to be doers of Your Word.

You, Lord, are drawing us to Yourself. You're bringing us into fellowship with Your people.

A Lifelong Commitment

Help us, Lord, to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Jesus is able to deliver us from the evil one.

May God's Blessing Surround You Each Day ...

The Great Love Of God

Psalm 11: God's way of salvation

Lord ... From Everlasting to Everlasting, You are God.

Whatever Happens - Don't Stop Praying.

You keep on loving us, no matter what’s going on in our lives.

Lord, have we pushed You out to the edges of our life? Help us to walk with You in the light of Your Word.

Lord, You have so much to teach us – and we have so much to learn.

Lord, we’re not to pray to You with superficial words that don’t mean very much to us.

Help us, Lord, to keep on praying that our love for You will grow.

Those who trust in the Lord cannot be moved.

Why, Lord, do we go to Your House?

"The words of the Lord are pure words" (Psalm 12).

Personal Salvation (Psalm 7)

The Glory of the Lord in His Creation (Psalm 8)

Praise God for His Deliverance (Psalm 9).

A Harvest Sermon (Psalm 8)

Guidance From "A Man Of Macedonia", Guidance From God

Holy Fear And Heartfelt Love

Lord, You’re calling us to worship You with joyful thanksgiving.

You, Lord, Are Able To Keep Us From Falling.

God Is Not Exalted Because We Exalt Him. We Exalt Him Because He Is Exalted.

The God Whom We Worship Is So Much Greater Than The Worship We Bring To Him.

More Of Christ And Less Of Self!

Trusting, Loving And Serving Christ, Our Victorious Lord.

Let's Live As Resurrection People!

Stop Walking Away ...

Strange Things?

Jesus - The Son Of God And The Saviour Of The World

The Solid Rock

The Blessing Comes Down As The Worship Goes Up.

Waiting Patiently For God's Answer

Kept By The Power Of God

The Gospel Of God's Amazing Grace

Created In The Image Of God

God Is Still At Work, Calling Sinners To Worship Him.

Everything seems to be falling round about us ...

Looking forward to the future

The Shepherd Of Love

We Are "In Christ". He Is The Source Of Our Salvation.

Praying Through God’s Word: Job