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The Food Of Our God

How Long, O Lord?

Lord, we’re being pulled in two different directions ...

Lord, we’re always making choices ...

We compare ourselves to other people ...

Sometimes, Lord, it seems like You are far away from us.

Lord, You speak to us the Word of condemnation ... You also speak to us the Word of compassion.

Often, Lord, we feel trapped - trapped by our sin.

Truth - And Faith

Great Boldness And Great Blessing - From Our Great Saviour

A Change Of Direction

Jesus Is Risen. Jesus Is Lord.

A Strong Faith? or A Strong God?

Salvation, Joy, Victory

Coming Home

A New Beginning - Based On What Had Gone Before

There is hope.

Return To The Lord ...

We sing to You, Lord.

Lord, You are not a god who keeps his distance from us.

Lord, Your Word speaks to us about the "secret things" and "the things that are revealed."

Why, Lord, do You speak to us the Word of warning and the promise of blessing?

Lord, You have saved us. You call us, now, to live in obedience to Your Word.

We thank You, Lord, that You love us.

Show us, Lord, what we really are - without You.

A Great Future!

Those who fear You, Lord, have no need to live in fear of man.

Help us, Lord, to thank You for Your past blessings, and to trust You for Your future blessings.

Lord, You did great things for Israel. You do great things for us.

If We Are To Be True Followers Of Jesus ...

So many people are turning away from You, Lord.

Preaching God's Word: Matthew's Gospel

The Message of Numbers

Some thoughts on preaching

God Loves Us. He Calls Us To Be His Faithful People.

The New Birth

Look at the rainbow. Look beyond the rainbow.

Worship Your Saviour.

God’s Blessing .

Praise the Lord.

"God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20).

Lord, we thank You for the rainbow – It tells us that You love us!

When I was in trouble ...

Thanks be to God!

Praise and thanksgiving - to God

Great Distress, Great Mercy

Pain And Praise

The Name Of Jesus

God Is Great.

When, Lord, we turn aside from Your Word ...

Eternal Life

"The Word Made Flesh" - Then And Now

Saved By The Lord, Let Us Serve Him.

Jesus is “the light of the world” (John 8:12).

We thank You, Lord, that You are greater than all our problems.

We thank You, Lord, that "we do not live by bread alone."

Help us, Lord, to listen to You and live for You, to speak to You and speak for You.

Lord, You give us Your promises and Your warnings.

Who chooses what is important to us?

Lord, You call us to belong to You.

By Your grace, Lord, You call us to be Your soldiers and servants.

Lord, we are surrounded by so many temptations.

We think, Lord, of Your redemption, and our hearts are filled with thanksgiving - and hope.

Lord, it's not easy to keep on praying, "Your will be done."

We come to You, Lord, in our weakness, and You ‘renew our strength.’

Lord, Your Word makes such a difference!

The Lord's Great Love