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Like A Roaring Lion!


Rivers Of Living Wather - Flowing Into Us And Flowing Out From Us

The Highway

The Lord Is Reaching Out To Us - In Love.

Lord, You have blessed us so much. Help us never to forget this.

Lord, we are surrounded by so many enemies ... What are we to do?

Lord, we thank You that Your way is the best way.

New Treasures

First Things First

From religion to revival

Temptation And Victory

Don't Build On Shifting Sand. Build on Christ.

God forgives and forgets.

The human situation, the divine solution ...

They Killed Jesus - But He Didn't Stay Dead!

Before You Can Be The Lord's Servant, He Must Be Your Saviour.

God Has Revealed Himself ... In Christ.

We thank You, Lord, that You are "the eternal God."

We thank You, Lord, for Your amazing love ...

Lord, You speak to us Your Word of warning - and Your promise of blessing.

Lead us, Lord, in the way of true wisdom.

Lord, You have done great things for us. You are still doing great things for us.

What is to be our attitude to the Sabbath?

Lord, without Your help, we are nothing and we can do nothing.

What a joy it is to know that You, Lord, are both the God of great power and the God of great love. You are “ab

Lord, Your power is loving power. Your love is powerful love.

In this earthly life, we will never reach a stage where there will be no more problems, and everything will be just fine.

Thank You, Lord, for Jesus - Your beloved Son, our wonderful Saviour.

We thank You, Lord, that, when You speak to us about our sin, You also speak to us of Your love ...

Lord, we do an awful lot of talking about ourselves, and not very much listening to You.

We thank You, Lord, for the Scriptures.

Lord, living for You is not easy. We have a fight on our hands.

Lord, we are called to fear You - and to love You.

Lord, You call us with Your challenge.

Lord, You have saved us.

Sometimes, Lord, Your blessing seems to be "so near and yet so far."

The Prodigal Son And The Perfect Son

Preaching The Word Of The Lord: Isaiah 40:1-11

Learning From The Past

Lead us to Jesus.

Take Your Stand - In The Name Of Christ And The Power Of Christ.

Help us, Lord, to turn from ‘the works of the flesh’ and seek ‘the fruit of the Spirit.’

The Friendship Of The Lord, The Fear Of The Lord

Help us, Lord, to invite Jesus, Your Son, to be our Saviour and our Friend.

Jesus Is Our Forever Friend.

Help us, Lord, to see the light at the end of the tunnel – “the salvation of our souls.”

Help us, Lord, to live a Godly, Christlike, Spirit-filled life – a life of love.

A History Of Sin - And A History Of Salvation

What, Lord, are we to do when the world, the flesh and the devil are threatening to overwhelm us?

Lord, our situation seems to be utterly hopeless. How can we possibly win the victory?

The Holy City or The Holy Saviour?

Help us, Lord, to throw away our bad fruit and enjoy Your good fruit.

Don't say, ‘I’ll read God’s Word tomorrow.’ Read His Word today.

Some things are worth repeating!

Praying Through God’s Word: Isaiah