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Praying for preachers

"Jurassic Park" - a modern "Tower of Babel"

Less About The Preacher And More About The Lord!

Worshipping the Lord - not just on a Sunday, not only when I feel like it, not only ‘when there’s nothing better to do’!

The “Rock of our salvation”

What are we to do when our love for God grows weak?

From the Spirit, we receive new strength – God’s strength ...

Is there still hope of God's blessing?

Is there a way out of the desert?

Faithful And Fearless Preaching

Visions From God ... Speaking His Word In The Power Of The Spirit

The Kingdom of the Lord endures forever.

We stand in the strength of the Lord.

In The House Of The Lord

Living In The Light Of God's Unfailing Love

New Life

The Lord - My Rock

God's Purpose, God's Spirit, God's Glory, God's People, God's Blessing

The Watchman, The Shepherd, New Birth And Revival

God's Eternal Purpose, Our Earthly Journey

King Jesus

If I Perish ...

What happens, Lord.,when Your people “gather together”?

Our lives lay in ruins until You, Lord, put us together again.

Lord, help us to become "mighty" for You - "mighty" in Your strength, "mighty" in Your victory.

All of us have been called to serve You, Lord.

Help us, Lord, to listen to Your Word.

What happens to us, Lord, when we turn away from You?

What are we to do when everything seems to be hopeless?

Lord, You’re calling us to choose the life of fruitful service.

God speaks His Word of love - His Word of forgiveness, peace and hope.

Called into the service of the eternal God

Can Things Be Turned Around?

Leading sinners to the Saviour of sinners

God's Word Of Love - For The Preacher And The People

"He will swallow up death in victory.”

When You're Down ...

Lord, we can, so often, get preoccupied with the things that matter most to us ...

Lord, give us Your wisdom.


My Heart Is Overflowing With Good News.

Out From The Background ...

The Lord is always greater than all our words about Him.

I Will Sing ...

Where does the best education come from?

Save me, O God ...

More Than A Prophet?

Sometimes, we nibble at our food ...

Help us, Lord, to trust and obey.

The Everlasting God

Often, Lord, we come to Your House with so little expectation of Your blessing.

A Very Important Question

Bring Your Questions To The Lord.

There are times, Lord, when we need to start all over again.

Lord, You're calling us to make our choice - What kind of life will we live?

Our whole life is to be a song of praise to You, Lord.

The search for wisdom

When, Lord, things are going badly, we start feeling sorry for ourselves ...

Far too easily, Lord, we accept defeat - when You're leading us on into Your victory.

Loving You, Lord, is more important than anything else – but it’s not always the most important thing in our lives.

Can You And I Become Giantkillers - For God?

The faithfulness of God

Everlasting Love

Lord, what are we to do when we face determined opposition ...?

Lord, help us not to get bogged down in what’s happening to us right now.

Lord, we rejoice in Your Word of forgiveness and eternal life.

It’s better to ‘put a zip on it’ than to ‘put our foot in it.’

Praising God and finding strength in Him

Sometimes, Lord, we say, “I can’t”, when we really mean, “I won’t.”

Singing with joy

Lifted From The Guttermost, Saved To The Uttermost

God's Word Of Grace - And His Word Of Warning

Compassion And Worship

The Great Power Of The Lord

It's All So Strange!

Knowing The Difference

Our Sin? or God's Blessing?

Ready To Do The Lord's Work

Trust in God's Mercy.

Come, Holy Spirit. Make Us New.

Lord, when the service of worship comes to an end, may our service of living begin - and never end!

A Faithful Love, An Everlasting Love

Comforters? or Critics?