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A Message For The New Year

Holiness - By Grace

Approaching the Lord’s Table: Forgiveness, Victory, Faith, God’s Word, God’s Love


Worship The Lord ... (Psalm 18)


At The Lord's Table, We Remember Him - And We Respond To Him.

Make Sure That You Don't Reach The Point Of No Return.

Will you be saved - or lost?

Make it personal!

Chapter 3, Verse 16: The Saviour, The Scriptures, The Spirit

The Great Conflict Between God And Satan - Never Doubt The Final Outcome!

Treasures On Earth? or Treasures In Heaven?

When The Going Gets Tough ...

What Are You Doing With Christ's Invitation?

God's Word Brings Blessing.

Building On Christ

Male And Female

The Power, The Victory, The Thanksgiving

The Lord Bless You And Keep You ...

How Great Is Our God!

The Holy Spirit Leads Us In The Way Of Victory.

“The glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord” (1 Kings 8:11).

Two Men With The Same Name

The Darkness Of Sin, The Light Of Salvation

What kind of person are you becoming?


“Give thanks to the Lord.”

A Godly, Christlike And Spirit-Filled Life

More Than A Human Story!

Thank God - for the Holy Spirit.

The Mercy Of God - And The Purpose Of God

I have decided to follow Jesus ...

Eternal life

God''s love is unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable.

The Holy Spirit comes from God. The Holy Spirit changes us.

"The Word became flesh" ...

The prodigal son and the perfect Son

What are we looking for?

The Call Of Love

Privilege and Responsibility

Loving Jesus And Living For Him

Are we listening to the Lord - or are we listening to the world?

The power of the Holy Spirit

Strong words from Jesus!

Jesus is more than a servant of God. He's the Son of God. He's our Saviour.

God has spoken to us by His Son.

Stop walking away from Christ. Start walking with Him.

A large harvest, few workers ...

Lord, we thank You that Your Son, Jesus, went to the Cross for us.

More than a prophet - Jesus is my Saviour.

The blessing - it's for you!

When the tempter comes ...

John - the prophet; Jesus -the Saviour

Jesus - “the Son of God” and “the Saviour of the world”

From religion to revival