Sunday, 6 October 2019

Jesus Is The Ice-Breaker.

“Anyone who comes to Me, I will never cast out” (John 6:37).
Often, it seems like we’re living in an earthbound existence. We look out beyond ourselves, and we see nothing but an enormous iceberg that keeps us from getting through to the God who loves us with a warm-hearted love.
Then, Jesus comes along. He’s the Ice-Breaker. He breaks the ice, which separates us from God. He enables us to see that God is much more than just, “There must be something somewhere.” He’s much more than “the unknown God.” He’s the God who loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins so that we, through faith in the Saviour, might come to know God as our Father.
Jesus is the Ice-Breaker
How does He break the ice?
How does He melt away our coldness towards God?
He does this in the same way that we break the ice with other people.
He speaks to us. He speaks to us in ways that we can understand. He speaks to us His words of love.
Here’s a great icebreaker that comes to us from Jesus, the Ice-Breaker.
“Anyone who comes to Me I will never cast out” (John 6:37).
- This is Good News for everyone.
It’s not just for the spiritually elite who imagine that they’ve proved themselves worthy of God’s love. The Gospel isn’t for Pharisees. They’ll always miss the point of it all. There’s too much of self in their righteousness. they can’t take their eyes of themselves – their religion and their morality – to look at Jesus, and see how wonderful a Saviour He is. The Gospel is for sinners – but it can also be the Gospel for Pharisees, when they learn to see themselves as sinners.
- Jesus will never turn away anyone who comes to Him.
Under no circumstances will Jesus turn away anyone who comes to Him. There is no doubt about this. Jesus has given His promise: “Anyone who comes to Me I will never cast out” (John 6:37). Jesus has given His promise – and He will keep His promise.
- To each and every one of us, Jesus says, “Come.”
If we do not come to Him, we will miss out on the blessing that He has promised. If we do come to Him, we will be truly blessed.
Jesus is the Ice-Breaker. It is wonderful love, His amazing grace and abundant mercy that melts away the coldness of our hearts.
- Jesus says, Come now.”
He doesn’t say, “Come back later – once you’ve improved yourself, once you’ve proved yourself worthy of coming to me, once you feel you’re more acceptable to Me.”
He says, “Come as you are. Come with your sin. Bring your sin to Me. I will forgive your sin.”

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